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Top Rated Restoration Services

Nobody expects to have a disaster in their home, whether it’s a flood caused from a broken pipe or soot left over from a small fire. However, when these situations do happen, the professionals at A to Z Cleaning & Restoration are here to help. We provide in-depth restoration services in Pittsburgh to ensure our clients are given the most effective help possible. Some of the reasons why it’s so important to call professionals like us after a flood or even fire in your home include: Machinery We have high quality, professional machines that are designed to safely and effectively
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Quality Carpet Cleaning

If you live in a home with carpet, then it probably has spots, stains and smells that are coming from it. These occur as a result of food, drinks, animals, people and even the air that’s around you. While you can use cleaners from your local home improvement store, those are generally not powerful enough to get everything trapped in the fibers of the carpet. If you want truly great results, then you will need to hire a cleaning company like A to Z Cleaning & Restoration! We will clean your carpet with our advanced machines and professional cleaning solutions
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Knowing when to call a professional for restoration services

If you have recently had a fire in your home or it’s been covered in water from a broken pipe, then calling in a restoration crew should be one of the first things that you do. These professionals offer emergency restoration, which means having technicians come out to your home with their restoration equipment at any time during the day or at night. They can help you with: 1. Fire Damage Restoration professionals will get the smoke out of your walls, the soot off of the floor and the ash completely removed from your home. They will do this in
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